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Clouds are important reference for my compositions; they are the landscape, the keynote, the level of the scale, to interpret ambiguous symbols and androgynous figures. As an artist, I prefer to approach these themes using an intuitively abstract language, since intuition and abstraction offer me the best tools to express myself with greater freedom, where the nervous gestures, the volatile brushstrokes, the expansive stains and the liquidity of the medium, put into action the resources of automatism imaginative and the irrational expressionism.


In the three-dimensional artworks I use mixed medium technique. I work with resin in some sculptures, I recycle polyurethane foam with different diluents and colored pigments in order to create synthetic resins, molding it on papier-mâché, fiberglass, iron, bronze and found objects, I intereste in the treatment of the details, and I introduce neon lights to illuminate the interior of the pieces, achieving a feeling of crystalline transparency to highlight the organic shapes.


The bidimensional artworks I use acrylic as my main medium, but sometimes I use mixed medium, for example, ink, oil, charcoal, oil pastels, pencils, airbrush and other materials. I start by attacking the blank canvas spontaneously, each step builds on the previous step, leaving room for chance, using concepts typical of abstract expressionism, lyrical abstraction and informalism. Understanding the pictorial act from attitude and matter as absolute action, giving importance to the accidents, the vitality of the expressive aspect, the suggestive capacity and the automatism to transmit the energy of the gesture at the same time, assimilating the shape to accentuate the surface colors, alternating the blue, red, green, yellow, violet, gray, black and white ranges. I use the cold and warm colors with they respective complementary colors to create contrasts. the perspective through the colors stands out for its leading role in each of my artworks, accentuating the expressive intensity and the feeling of concern that emanate from the surface.


The clouds also interest me as a source of analogy and their literary interpretations. when they alter the shapes with the wishes of the wind; the light, the darkness, the movement and everything that they expressive, which leads me to make artworks with a metaphorical and even satirical themes. With this language I hope that the spectator has the freedom to imagine or dream in the environment

in which sun, moon, earth, water and other phenomena condense and dance in inhospitable landscapes, calling to the urgency of a moment of reflection by the quality of survival on the planet.

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